Reality Check: Narcissists don’t commit suicide

Reality Check takes statements about those with NPD from across the Internet and gives a narcissist’s perspective on their validity.

“Narcissists DO NOT try to commit suicide. When you love yourself as much as a narcissist does, suicide is not an option.”

This seems overly broad to me. Quite frankly I was shocked this seemed to come from an actual psychologist’s website. Looking further into his bio though, the school he attended is questionable and has since closed its doors. So there’s that.

I’ve definitely felt suicidal before. Once. Did I do it? No. But it certainly wasn’t because I “love myself” that much.

Narcissism doesn’t feel like self-love. It feels like I’m protecting myself from my insecurities. And I’m way more insecure and depressive than the average non-NPD person.

We seek approval precisely because we don’t have very much self-love. At least not in the normal sense. We are super hard on ourselves inside. We need others to validate us constantly and consistently, or we feel worthless. Literally.

Additionally, there is some evidence that NPDers are actually at a higher risk for suicide. For example, “a 15-year follow up study of patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital in New York showed that patients with NPD or narcissistic traits were significantly more likely to die from suicide compared to individuals without NPD or narcissistic traits (Stone 1989).”

Reality Check: I’ve seen no definitive studies on whether narcissists commit suicide at a higher or lower rate than their neuro-typical counterparts. But his reasoning is certainly flawed.

Submit questions for Reality Check via the contact page. Please include a link to the original statement.

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