Let go of anger: Loving Kindness meditation

This is not the sort of thing I’d usually do on my own, but we did it in my DBT group and I found it incredibly helpful. This helped me finally put to bed anger I had toward specific individuals who had hurt me in the past, and the anger hasn’t come back weeks later. Give this a try especially if it feels a little silly to you. If starting with yourself is too difficult, start with someone you already love. Gradually work your way up, radiating loving kindness.

Meditation Loving Kindess Real World DBT

Real World DBT

2 thoughts on “Let go of anger: Loving Kindness meditation”

  1. I really think this stuff helped me a few years ago, when I was doing it a lot along with breathing exercises. I’d also do it in public to reduce feelings of hostility. Unfortunately, I also included “May I feel strong.” As someone high in narcissism, that might not have been ideal. LOL!

    After reading this post, I have started doing it again with the phrases you show here, and once again, it really does seem to help. Thank you!


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