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Google narcissistic personality disorder and you’ll get thousands of pages explaining the disorder and how to deal with it – from the perspective of the “victim” of “narcissistic abuse.”

According to these sites narcissists are evil, manipulative, destructive people and the only way to deal with them is to cut them out of your life. And in many cases, that may be true. But not all.

What you won’t find in your search is an abundance of resources for those suffering from NPD. The pervasive thought is that narcissists can’t be made self-aware, can’t heal, change or grow, and simply aren’t worth the trouble. In fact, many insurance companies won’t even cover treatment for individuals with NPD because the prognosis is so poor.

But the reality is quite different.  Narcissism is a spectrum disorder. Those on the middle-lower end of the spectrum can and do sometimes become self-aware and learn to change – if they have the desire to do so and the right tools.

From the perspective of the disordered individual, you may struggle with intense depression, anxiety, lonliness, a string of failed relationships, emotional turmoil and unresolved issues from an abusive childhood at the hands of an NPD parent. You desperately crave close loving relationships, but feel completely confused as to why your relationships consistently fail. You wonder deep down why people don’t like you, and fear you are unloveable and may be “broken” or unable to love others.

The advice on this site is based on the personal experience of one narcissist becoming self-aware and working toward personal growth – it is not intended as a substitute for professional mental health counseling.

If you identify with the information on this site, seek help. Don’t waste another day allowing your childhood abuse to ruin your life and hold you back from love and happiness.

Visit the resources page to find helpful tests, books and articles and start your growth process immediately.

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