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Music: All in My Head

Pat Lok – All In My Head ft. Desirée Dawson [Love & Other]
Look baby I don’t know
What you said that time
But it just doesn’t help
Ease my over-thinking mind
Who baby I know
You said each word is true
But I got you in lies
So what’s a girl to do
Is it just all, all, all in my head
When I find out before I’m dead
Is it just all, all, all, all, all in my head
‘Cause I’m pulling you close
But should I leave you behind

Distraction: Using Music and Counting to Self Soothe

I love music. I have always kind of naturally used it for emotional regulation. Happy music to expand happy feelings, or to pull me out of a funk. Sad music to mirror my feelings.

In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), music is suggested as a tool to distract you from intense emotions, and to calm and soothe yourself when stressed and overwhelmed.

When I need a distraction — like when I am getting upset and want to avoid a fight with my husband — I like to use music, combined with counting, another DBT distraction technique.

For distraction, I tend to prefer something with a heavy beat or baseline. I lay down, put on headphones, close my eyes and count the beats. To help my mind not drift as much, I like to picture big bright numbers flashing one after the other. Usually by the end of a song or two I’m feeling much calmer.

Do you use music for emotional regulation, self soothing or DBT? What are you listening to these days?